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(1867-1938 AD) C. Krishnan played a key role in bringing out radical social transformation in Kerala society which was steeped in ignorance, superstition, casteism, poverty, untouchability and other evils. A defender of human rights, he propogated the ideals of humanism, social justice and democratic values. He was called ‘Mitavadi’ C. Krishnan after the newspaper that he published from 1913 to ’38 from Calicut for spreading the message of the reformatory movement.  The Government of Kerala states "The Mitavadi was in the forefront of the movement for social reforms and the uplift of the weaker sections of society".

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Books on C. Krishnan

There are a number of books written on C. Krishnan that analyse his contribution to social reform in Kerala. Given below are four of these books.

1) C. Krishnan and Social Change in Kerala, by K. Sabukuttan, 2002
2) C. Krishnan, (Malayalam), by K. R. Achutan, 1971
3) C. Krishnan, (Malayalam), by Changarankumarathu Sankaran, 1967
4) C. Krishnan, (Malayalam), by P.V.K. Nedungadi, 1939

This website refers mostly to the first book for information on C. Krishnan's life.

The University of Delhi library is a good starting point for researchers. Besides the books written on him/ that discuss his contribution, there are numerous of his articles, editorials and speeches that can be found in Mitavadi and many other sources including his personal diary ('Ente Diary'). His personal note books are in two volumes in 'Some Important Incidents In My Life'. All these provide a useful insight to his thought process and contribution to social reform in Kerala.